Marketing law

Sverdrup lays emphasis on preventive action instead of subsequent, costly fire extinguishing. We have considerable experience with prior inspection of marketing materials with appurtenant consultancy in boundary-setting between legal and illegal marketing.

We have assisted market leading actors within the commodity trade for several decades. Our lawyers have backgrounds from public administration, courts of law, and as inter-company/group consultants.

We assist with consultancy within all marketing law themes. In addition to general consultancy our assistance includes cases before

  • the courts of law
  • Office of the Consumer Ombudsman and the Market Council
  • Council dealing with unfair marketing practices.

         We have especially good competence in everything to do with comparisons in marketing, including access to:

  • compare with own preprice
  • compare with ordinary price
  • compare with recommended price
We also assist with:
  • comparison with own preprice
  • comparison with ordinary price
  • comparison with recommended price
  • comparison with prices at competitors, named and competitors in general
  • use Price Guarantee, Price promise or Price match
  • market Sale and price reductions, including what concepts shall be equalised with the message regarding Sale
  • use Largest or Best or other superlatives in marketing

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