Dispute resolution

We assist with procedure and dispute resolution within all the areas where we otherwise deliver legal services.

We plead cases before all the courts of law, and in arbitration cases. Sverdrup is committed to ensuring that the preparations for a case take place in close contact between the client and the partner concerned who is pleading the case. The key to an optimum result lies in thorough preparation. Efficient case preparation also contributes to limit the costs connected to litigation. An important and necessary link in case preparation is to clarify at an early Stage whether it is possible to achieve a settlement solution that serves the client’s interests better than to complete a time-consuming and costly legal process. We are eager to continuously assess alternative solutions, at the same time as carrying through the court case, if that is the result, with strength and engagement.

Lawyer Espen Komnæs was educated as an arbitration judge by the Danish and Norwegian Bar Associations in 2007. He has been awarded advocacy rights before the Norwegian Supreme Court.

We also assist with:
  • Negotiations and mediation
  • Procedure
  • Arbitration
  • Assignments as mediator and arbitration judge

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