Establishment of a correct and effective distribution network is an important success factor in many areas of business, especially within the commodities trade.  Establishment of a distribution network can be combined with a contract on the use of a store name and store concept (franchise) and form the basis for establishment of chain stores.

The choice of establishment method affects a range of areas, such as trade name building, marketing position towards both supplier and customer, cost savings and quality of administrative  services.

Several of our lawyers have over 20 years’ experience with distribution contracts and franchising agreements, and the lawyers in Sverdrup have assisted actors over the entire sales chain, such as producers, importers, distributors, agents and commission agents. Consultancy includes business law knowledge within contract law, competition law, marketing law, company law and the law governing tax and public charges.

The lawyers in Sverdrup have permanent business connections with small and large actors within the goods trade, especially with the Chain Central. Assistance provided to these clients to a large degree concerns running operations, which involves assistance within large parts of the remainder of the business law legal areas, such as company law, labour law and insolvency.

We also assist with:
  • Contracts regarding selective distribution
  • Sole distributor contracts
  • Agency contracts
  • Commission contracts
  • Franches contracts
  • Memorandums of Association etc. in the establishment of companies, subsidiaries or branches.

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