Banking, finance and insurance

The lawyers at Sverdrup have long and extensive experience as consultants for Norwegian and foreign banks, financing enterprises, insurance enterprises, pension enterprises, the insurance market Lloyd’s of London and brokers and distributors of financial and insurance services.

We have a good understanding of the commercial, marketing-related and practical considerations that are focussed on by the owners and management of these enterprises.  We are used to co-operating closely with foreign owners / principal enterprises and their legal departments, those responsible for compliance, and lawyer contacts.

Our assistance covers most of the areas connected to establishing, acquisitions, operation and liquidation of such activities.

We also have extensive experience and broad competence in marine insurance.



We also assist with:

  • Preparation and follow-up of applications regarding concession, ownership licences, establishment of branches and cross-border activities
  • Contact with authorities
  • Development of new projects within leasing, loans, short-term financing, individual and group insurance and pension products, guarantees, factoring, invoice purchase and invoice administration.
  • Preparation and quality assurance of contracts, terms and conditions, mortgage, guarantees, surety and other security documents, routine descriptions and other documentation for both standard products and for tailored products within loans, insurance, pensions, financial and operational leasing, credit cards, factoring and receivables administration.    
  • Co-operation agreements regarding sales promotion financing between financial enterprises and larger suppliers of capital and consumer goods (leasing, revolving credits etc.)
  • Contracts with with finance and insurance brokers and other distribution links
  • Contracts between financial enterprises (settlement and realisation contracts administration contracts etc.)
  • Net-based solutions for establishment and administration of credit contracts, insurance contracts, occupational pension schemes, etc.
  • Compliance work and compliance projects related to the products of the financial enterprises, marketing, laundering, routines and third party contracts, including contracts relating to data processers.
  • Transfer of portfolios
  • Follow-up of problem engagements / Bad Banking
  • Realisation of securities and other enforcement actions including interlocutory measures and arrest.
  • Consultancy in actions for damages
  • Procedure and assistance in cases before the courts of law, arbitration courts and complaints boards.

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