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Espen Komnæs is responsible for the businesss area of Insurance (General and International Insurance).

Espen has worked as a lawyer in private practice since 1985 and has broad experience from several fields of law. He has special experience within consultancy and procedure connected to the activities of foreign insurance companies and insurance brokers in Norway. Espen Komnæs has been the General Agent in Norway for the large insurance Corporation, Lloyd’s since 1998.

Espen also has solid experience as a consultant for trade and industrial companies.

He has written about group solutions within the law of torts in the publication Tidsskrift for Forretningsjus (Journal of Business Law) after having co-ordinated legal assistance following several larger ship catastrophes and other accidents.

  • Business of insurance companies in Norway
  • Insurance brokerage
  • Law of torts
  • Procedural assignments and dispute resolution connected to assessment of claims
  • Assistance with dispute resolution in board assessments
  • Assistance with drafting of contracts
  • Dispute resolution within contract law
  • Industry and Trade
  • Real estate

* Advokatfirmaet Komnæs, Braaten, Skard DA

* Advokatfirmaet Smith Grette Meltvedt DA

* Assistant Judge at Romsdal District Court

* Legal Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Cand.jur., University of Bergen, licensed to practise law in 1985. Awarded advocacy rights before the Supreme Court of Norway in 2008, Education as an arbitrator arranged by the Danish and Norwegian Bar Associations in 2007.

The Norwegian Bar Association, Juristforbundet, Board appointments in Nortelco, Nordic AS, KCA Holding AS and Ankerløkken Equipment AS.

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